• About Us

  • Quality, versatility, speed is a precise calculation CleanServices for their customers!

    To maintain the cleanliness in your home or office is clean every day. It takes a lot of time, and in the case of office and money to employ cleaners.

    In the modern world are increasingly resorting to the services of cleaning companies. They take care of all the inconveniences associated with the need for housekeeping.

  • Calling the Manager CleanServices, you can discuss all conditions of cooperation down to the smallest detail.

    You can make a contract with our company on long term cooperation and no longer worry about cleaning.

    To use the services of professional workers is more profitable than to hire cleaners.

  • CleanServices all employees are periodically trained and continually increase the level of qualification at our own Training centre. This allows them to do their work.

    Modern detergents Italian company Alchemia and the latest technology allow us to provide a quality cleaning without damaging various surfaces. Professionals CleanServices know which tool to use in a particular case, so don't worry about it.

    The customer can order cleaning at any time: morning, evening or throughout the day. Manager CleanServices will help you choose the most appropriate cleaning mode, which is able to provide constant clean, and comfortable for all. In the clean room is easier to work, because the fresh air and cozy atmosphere help to tune in the desired fashion.

    Using the services of professionals, you can not worry about safety of your valuables. CleanServices provides guarantees and their employees can be trusted. Especially in conditions of high competition every company will compete for customer by providing discounts and improving the quality of work.

    Entrust the cleaning professionals is advantageous, because CleanServices undertakes the provision of supplies: towels, napkins, paper, air freshener and garbage bags. Due to the bulk purchase of these things the cost is greatly reduced.

    In order for your home or office shining and clean and the cleaning required a little money and free time, you need to entrust the job to professionals - CleanServices.